5G Off-boarding CPU’s/GPU’s to the Cloud?

It’s very likely that 5G has the network capacity to offboard processing power to the cloud for use in on-demand computations and graphics.  Processing capacity and arrays would be located either centrally or at the edge of the network.  The “Network of Things” would pull parallel resources (computational, database, network) as needed and in relation […]

Electrocuting the 5G Elephant

A cacophony of experts has been spreading the word that 5G will subject us all to the hidden dangers of millimeter waves flying unseen through the air in every which way and in all directions.  In the good old days “doing by demonstrating” was the best way to get one’s point across, thus in 1903 […]

5G Slicing to New Profit Centers

The architecture of 5G will allow telecommunications companies to virtualize network resources and software blocks which will create new business and profit center opportunities as future use cases develop.  Telecommunications providers that recognize the power of software and network virtualization will be able to transition from the limitations of a highly commoditized business model towards […]

Skyward to the Network of Things

During her CES 2019 Keynote address, Maria Scott, the CEO of Skyward (Verizon’s commercial drone subsidiary), provided critical insight into how the 5G network topology will evolve not only to drones but also a wider suite of devices and applications.  5G technology has the potential as described to create synergies between people and devices to […]

A Tale of Two Fiber Maps

Having design-managed private networks and technology for large and mission-critical businesses, my perception is that neither AT&T nor Verizon currently has a fiber infrastructure that can support 5G as a “cell phone technology” let alone as ultimately envisioned.  The more salient question, therefore, might be which company, if any, has the advantage in transitioning to […]

ATT’s 5G “Evolutionary Path”

Verizon has demonstrated it has an overview and understanding of its own 5G business strategy. AT&T, on the other hand, has described its 5G implementation strategy as an “Evolutionary Path.” AT&T seems to be employing a business strategy that seeks to extend and leverage the features of existing technologies into the 5G framework of standards now […]

Verizon’s Fixed Wireless 5G Strategy?

Verizon may be positioning itself to capture financial benefit by deploying point-to-point 5G in the delivery of high-speed Internet to homes, by deploying to markets dominated by competitors. For Verizon, fixed wireless/point-to-point wireless has low developmental complexity compared to the deployment of 5G to cell phone networks, while also affording economic efficiencies. Once delivered from […]

5G/Blockchain the Payment and Ticketing “Killer Application”

QR code-based payment systems such as WeChat could eventually be replaced with 5G technology working in synergy with a Blockchain database. Easier than turning a car key, Blockchain could provide transactional security between 5G nodes and “dumb” 5G POS nodes in tight geographic proximity, secured by one-time use codes and two key encryption, transparently and […]