5G Slicing to New Profit Centers

The architecture of 5G will allow telecommunications companies to virtualize network resources and software blocks which will create new business and profit center opportunities as future use cases develop.  Telecommunications providers that recognize the power of software and network virtualization will be able to transition from the limitations of a highly commoditized business model towards […]

ATT’s 5G “Evolutionary Path”

Verizon has demonstrated it has an overview and understanding of its own 5G business strategy. AT&T, on the other hand, has described its 5G implementation strategy as an “Evolutionary Path.” AT&T seems to be employing a business strategy that seeks to extend and leverage the features of existing technologies into the 5G framework of standards now […]

Verizon’s Fixed Wireless 5G Strategy?

Verizon may be positioning itself to capture financial benefit by deploying point-to-point 5G in the delivery of high-speed Internet to homes, by deploying to markets dominated by competitors. For Verizon, fixed wireless/point-to-point wireless has low developmental complexity compared to the deployment of 5G to cell phone networks, while also affording economic efficiencies. Once delivered from […]