5G Slicing to New Profit Centers

The architecture of 5G will allow telecommunications companies to virtualize network resources and software blocks which will create new business and profit center opportunities as future use cases develop.  Telecommunications providers that recognize the power of software and network virtualization will be able to transition from the limitations of a highly commoditized business model towards the marketing of bespoke yet modular value-added services. 

The services that the telecommunications companies initially will be able to sell will be a function of geographic network reach and eventually the result of convergence of code blocks, cloud services, network infrastructure and bandwidth.

Like Application Program Interfaces, the modular nature of 5G building blocks (software/service/network) will simplify and standardize the development of network-centric applications.   A telecommunications vendor could provision building blocks based on business need that could be arranged by a business user without having to know the technical details that operate behind the curtain of the network itself, e.g:    

“Deliver package from network node x to network node y taking the least expensive route within one day.”    

In the network-centric world of 5G, elements of robotics could be offloaded from the mechanical platform to the network itself.   A simple addressable bus accessible by a 5G signal could replace the need to have onboard microcontroller systems, electronic controls, software, and an expensive or dense sensor suite.  The robot would be a shell containing a 5G communications adapter, driving mechanisms, power supply, and motors-actuators.  The software “brain” of the robot(s) would be located elsewhere and would be a shared network resource. 

Network resources could be allocated based on the density of robotics in geographic space or the complexity of the task in sum or in part.  Resources could even be applied as a billable service based on budgetary requirements or constraints. 

It’s quite obvious that companies which heed the words, “Build the network and they will come” may be able to capture the billing opportunity of a lifetime.

Copyright Warren Pollock 1/14/2019 edited by Mike Botwin