5G Off-boarding CPU’s/GPU’s to the Cloud?

It’s very likely that 5G has the network capacity to offboard processing power to the cloud for use in on-demand computations and graphics.  Processing capacity and arrays would be located either centrally or at the edge of the network.  The “Network of Things” would pull parallel resources (computational, database, network) as needed and in relation to application requirements and/or budget. 

For the consumer, the computer, cell phone, and television would effectively merge into a single “terminal” type of device.  In today’s terms, a 5G signal would replace the interface-cable used for High-Definition Multimedia with the GPU located away from the screen (input-output device).  Remote GPU’s would then provide the processing power for 8K video streaming or thereafter for interactive applications that require collaborative or relational processing such as gaming.   

For enterprise level businesses, deployment of technology becomes more standardized and thus more controllable and manageable.  Businesses of every size will have the opportunity to create applications for consumption to new and dynamic network architecture.   

End users and consumers will be presented with ethereal products streamed to simple hardware with the complexity sitting behind or built into the network.

Copyright Warren Pollock 1/22/2019 edited by Mike Botwin