Huawei – Stealing the Special Sauce?

It’s much cheaper to steal intellectual property than it is to develop it. Huawei, as an extension of the Chinese Communist Party and its institutions, intends to dominate the worldwide market for 5G networking, equipment, and peripherals by socializing (stealing) the “special sauce” of American and European Intellectual Property (IP). It’s much cheaper still to produce networking equipment and components with government subsidies and/or in sweatshops that arbitrage away the cost of best practices in labor-employment and environmental standards.

Second-tier, rural, and regional telecom companies in the United States want to do business with Huawei because the equipment can be obtained for less money. These companies are financially motivated to ignore the provenance of stolen intellectual property.

Nations too are seeking to save money through the implementation of telecommunications technology from Huawei–technology which may have backdoors and thus may be insecure. 5G security will be an absolute imperative because human life, infrastructure systems, and daily commerce will be totally dependent upon the technology.

Security in 5G devices has to be assured not only in the whole networking device but also in software and at the component level. Socialism with Chinese characteristics must not find its way into the world’s telecommunications infrastructure.